Architectural Mouldings

This fine-sand system provides a traditional plaster look-a-like architectural detail, trim or shape. Novatex Products Pty Ltd Architectural Mouldings add a style and a distinctive look of its own especially for you, as a truly cost effictive solution. Novatex Products Architectural coating is tough and durable for exterior or interior uses.

Novatex Products mouldings are manufactured from structural grade polystyrene with a specially designed vapour-permeable coating, which is water resistant, but allows the release of moisture through the polystyrene substrate, unlike many other products.

Polystyrene can be fabricated in many shapes and sizes. Once detailed and coated the lightweighht pieces are easily transported and fixed with ease. No requirements or extra expenses for large lifting equpment. Novatex Products high grade polystyrene coating provides a strong protection against damage from impact compression, abrasion, chemicals and moisture.

Novatex Products architectural moulds are the lightest and simplest decorative material in the building industry. Novatex Products architectural coating is a vapour-permeable, reinforced with high performance mineral particles.It is designed to provide high impact resistance to expanded polystyrene.Its zero volatile content (V.O.C) meets all emission level requirements.