Australian Owned and Australian Made.

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Australian Owned and Australian Made are the words that will ensure that our country recovers from the economic tragedy that has occurred across the world in 2020 because of the COVID19 crisis.

We firstly saw overseas manufacturing closing down while countries went into lockdown which made products hard to get; we are now seeing difficulty in obtaining goods because shipping into Australia is delayed and there are far less freighters and aircraft coming into Australia. We are also seeing sanctions and extraordinary tariffs placed onto our goods being exported into other countries. So why would we support countries that do not want to support us?

When the goods you are purchasing are made in Australia, it helps to maintain and grow employment here. When the business is also Australian owned, you know that the profits stay here, so we are supporting our fellow Australians.

So, check the ownership of the company that manufactures the goods you are purchasing.

Novatex Products is totally Australian owned and all its products are made locally. The other advantage of purchasing Novatex Products adhesives, renders and waterproofing is that all our products are developed by our Australian technical team who know and cater for Australian conditions, Australian Building codes and the local tradies.

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